i want to create an unforgettable day, which fits perfectly to the couple. far away from the standards and traditions, which are partly not contemporary. your wedding day is the start into your future together, so the celebration of the beginning of your marriage should be as individual as you as a couple are. let’s start being creative and make handmade moments that are memorable for the rest of your life.

like many others who work in the wedding industy, my passion started with planning my own wedding a couple of years ago. i really really missed it when it was over so i wanted to do this whole wedding magic thing for other people.

over the years my style became a collectic of different types but what they all have in common is the handmade aspect. i work with different textiles and materials, a lot of vintage stuff i find on fleamarkets or on my journeys. and i love using my hands and create and add beauty to this world.

and then, when THE BIG DAY is there, i’m beyond exited to capture all the lovely details and all the joyful moments of love in my photography and make it eternal for my couples.



hey love birds, come an get it! i’d love to make memories with you!